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Brand New : For Your RV or Tiny Home Rental Spaces In Green Bank WV


1.) Of our three spaces available, we have two open at this time. If interested read on.


This is the safest place in the USA for those with chemical sensitivity and electromagnetic sensitivity. (" however this may not be the case for those who are so critically severe and hyper-reactive") such as, ( ie; can't be near refrigerator or appliances in the home) ( fireplace smoke bothers you). 

There is some WiFi in some homes and local businesses, and there is fireplace smoke from homes in the winter. But those are the only negatives. This is a very rural forested area with no industry.

Check out the video below this is the general and specific area where our land is located. In some place here in the video you can see the telescope filmed from our front yard.

The reason that this is so safe an area, is that it is a Federally Sanctioned and enforced, 13,000 square mile area of land designated as the Quiet Zone. This is because of a very, very large telescope here. This telescope needs very specific kinds of protections from man made things.

The quiet zone is most in force within the two miles around the actual telescope. We have our property within 3/4 of a mile of the telescope. This provides the ultimate best protection you can get here.

Due to this  great fact and benefit, we can not have ( and don't want) any kind of wireless devices of any kind. This includes solar inverter's. No Dc to Ac inverter's or Ac to Dc inverter's of any kind.

So since you will have an RV or Tiny Home, be sure to have these checked to see if you have and inverter. If you do, you have to have it turned off and disconnected. This will be checked and inspected on your arrival to be sure this is the case. 

You can go on line and just type in the words WV Quiet Zone and see what I mean if you don't already know about this area and why it is safe for EMF/EHS people. Because it is a very rural area and surrounded by blocking mountains, it has the cleanest freshest air you can find.

We love the pure clean air and no cell towers and not smart meters and friendly people as well as no crime here.

We are going into our 7th year here now, and have lived in many places in the world, and this is the best in so many ways.

However. There are no jobs here to speak of. So if you need work of some kind to survive, you would have to travel at least an hour away or more to find work and then commute.

Most who come here can not work because of their problems with EMFs and Chemicals. So because of this fact you will have to be able to prove that you can support yourself financially, and this will need to be verified. We need to know that you will be able to take care of yourself while you are here.

Verification of previous rental living situations will be done as well. This is just so we have a continued peaceful and non stress experience here on our land. Nothing personal. We just want some nice people here as neighbors that are self-reliant.

There is no other rental housing in the area that is clean and safe. There is also no long term rentals spaces year round for RV or Tiny Homes on wheels. Ours is it.

We can Accommodate up to two RV's and/or Tiny Homes.

If there are two people in your home then we can only rent a total of two of our three spaces as we have a shared well water system on our property, and it can only handle so many people. This would require you to pay extra for the loss of the income from the other RV/Tiny Home space that would not be available. The Fee for 2 people would be $ 1000. per month.

Our rental fee is $600 per month for single people per space. This would be a "Month to Month" rental. First and Last months rent will be required.

Water and electric is included within your rental fee.  Propane is available and quite cheap here. A 100 gallon propane tank will be at your space but you will have to pay for the propane itself when you need it. You will have to heat your home with propane during the winter as it is too expensive to do so with electric. If you need to use only electric you will have to pay what we pay from the meter at your site. This would depend on what kind of heat you would want to use. We would have to discuss this. As electric would not then be included in your monthly space fee.

Phone service and internet is also available via "Frontier Communications". This you would have to set up yourself. The box is in for this at your site.

 We are looking for long term renters only.  

Also to use this rental space it requires an alternative type toilet system, as there is not a septic system dump resource available for your rental space. Here is where you can purchase the one we suggest. You can purchase here and see it here, via the video demo, "Laveo" dry flush toilet. 

You will have "Grey Water" dumping only at your site for sink and shower only.


If you are interested, call 304-456-4525 or Email us at Please don't call me for general information about the area, just about the rental site, and how it pertains to your renting the space.